Sunday, August 28, 2011

Some reharmonization ideas from Greg Howlett

Greg Howlett is a Christian concert pianist and recording artist.

I have watched many of his free video lessons and blog posts on reharmonization.

Listed below are some of the reharmonization ideas I got from him.
  1. A ii chord substitues for a V chord (and a IV chord).
  2. A iii chord substitutes for a I chord.
  3. A vi chord substitues for a I chord or a V chord.
  4. Change V-I cadences into ii-V-I cadences.
  5. Insert a minor 5 (v) and dominant 1 (I7) in front of a 4 (IV) chord
  6. A dominant chord usually resolves down a fifth or sometimes a half step.
  7. Very often, if a progression is moving with the circle of fifths, you can change one of the normal minor chords to major (making it a secondary dominant).
  8. Add a flat 9th to secondary dominants if resolving to a minor chord.
  9. minor 7 chords likes to resolve down a fifth or in diatonic steps.
  10. You can insert a diminished chord betweet 4 and 5 chords.
  11. You can substitue a sharp4 dim - minor4 6th - minor 3 - flat3 dim - ii7 - V7 -I for a V-I cadence.
  12. Which color note belong to each chord?
Major/Major 7th
9, #11, 13 (9 is the most common)

Minor 7th
9, 11, 13 (9 is the most common)

b9, 9, #9, #11, b13, 13 (All are widely used. However, you are most likely to use b9, 9, b13, and 13.)

Here is a sample of his free video lessons: "Relating harmony to melody"

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