Friday, August 19, 2011

Why I Started Blogging

Hi everyone.

I am going to start blogging today.

I'm doing this because I am planning to stop going to college next semester. I'm going to study in private.

Blogging will give me a way to share the output of the things I'm going to learn [I hope... if I have time... and if I know how to write what I want to say]. I hope this will also help improve my written as well as my spoken English.

I have always wanted to stop since I was third year in college (only that my parents did not permit me, but I think they will permit me now) because I have realized that going to my school everyday is a hindrance to what I really want to become -- a programmer -- and the schools I have attended were not teaching the things that I need to become a proficient programmer.

[I also want to become a computer scientist but maybe that will not happen any time soon. Maybe a hundred years form now!? (LOL). But I will continue to study computer science until forever. ]

I have learned from my schools the EASY part of programming (David Malan said that "Programming is easy"). But I have not learned the "programming well" part, which is harder than the "easy" part (LOL).

[David Malan said that "Programming is easy". His co-professor agreed on that but added that "Programming WELL is hard"]

I'm not saying that I have never learned anything from the schools I attended. In fact, there are things that I believe I could have not known had I not attended these schools (tama ba akong grammar?). So I have learned many important things from my schools.

But it is the "well" part of programming that I need to know now. And I have to find it somewhere else.

You might be asking why I'm thinking of sharing the things I'm going to learn.

Well, I'm just thinking that maybe this will help me keep my sanity (LOL) because my father said that he heard of someone in the past who was not contented with what his teachers were teaching in school so he stopped attending classes and studied things on his own. To make the story short, that child killed himself (I forgot the reason why). I was just thinking that maybe the reason was loneliness.

Maybe blogging will help me not to be alone.

But I have also read about people who did not have a formal (college) education but were successful or at least fulfilled.

I aspire to be like them. But I am also planning to pursue a degree in mathematics in the near future if I have time and enough money.

Have a great day ahead.

[I was trying to check from Google's search engine if my statement above ---"there are things that I believe I could have not known had I not attended these schools"--- is correct grammatically. I did not get my expected results but, incidentally, the first result of the search was NOT Everyone Should Attend College, BUT Let's not Give up on it Entirely.] Great!

UPDATE (July 30, 2016):
I said above that during the time I was writing this post (August 2011), my parents might permit me to stop going to college the next semester (that will be November 2011).
That did not happen. 
I was only able to stop college on April 2012 (that was summer vacation) when I was able to find a home-based job.