Monday, October 31, 2011

CS106B - Free Course from Stanford

CS106B is a free course from Stanford available online. This course is about data structures and recursion.

The latest free video lectures are made last 2011 Spring Quarter and you can access them at ClassX - CS106B: Programming Abstractions. The professor during this quarter is Steve Cooper. You can visit the CS106B's website in this quarter here. All lecture handouts, codes, the course reader, assignments and many other materials for the course are available in the website.

An older set of video lectures are available at SEE (Stanford Engineering Everywhere) - Programming Abstractions. Go to the bottom part of the web page to download the complete course materials.

If you are planning to do the assignments and compile the example codes during the lectures you'll need Visual Studio 2005 and the CS106 Library. If you have Visual Studio 2008 instead, please read Dani's article on how you can make the CS106B Library work with Visual Studio 2008.


I have done some of the assignments last 2011 Spring Quarter. You can view my solutions here. Please pardon my code because they are not well structured and not commented. Thanks.

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