Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Random Language Generation & Markov models of language

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open comes the door and fell grateful breath. Tom whistled twice more. Tom saw the state his clothes, sobbing,
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was wending her way toward the village, and no guards were afforded for it; ten
red tickets equalled a yellow one; for ten yellow
tickets the superintendent gave a very plainly bound Bible (worth forty
cents in those easy times) to the pupils. To his left, back of the performance.
At last he
rose up sighing and departed were they, and then just see 'em look!"

The text above is a sample of what my solution to the Random Language Generation Problem generated. (Assignment 2: ADT Client Applications)

Random Language Generation is Problem 2 of Assignment #2 of the 2011 Spring Quarter CS106B course from Stanford.

You can download the problem specification here. (Go to page 5 of the downloaded document)

Here is a screenshot of my solution:

You can download my code here.

You can download a runnable .exe file here.

You can download my code here.

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