Saturday, January 21, 2012

Is Your All On The Altar - My First Hymn Reharmonization

This is my first hymn reharmonization:

"Is Your All On The Altar"

F              | F/Bb                   | Am7                     | Dm7
Gm7         | C7b9                  | F                          | Gm7   –   C7
F              | Bdim                   | Am7                     | Dm7
Gm7         | C7b9                  | F                          | C7

BbM         | E7                      | Am7     –   Dm7   | Cm7   –   F7
BbM         | G/B                    | C7                       | C7
F               | F/Bb                  | Am7                     | Dm7
Gm7          | C7b9                 | F

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